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In these links, you will find a few fresh perspectives on Jimi...
Images of Life, Family, and the Legacy that he loves.

Very hot shot!!

Concert Image in Sepia

Jimi with Noel Redding

Jimi plays at some incredible show

Printable poster imagery

Another printable poster image

Jimi along side Jimi Hendrix, military pics

Jimi at the American Flag

Jimi and Family (Ralph and Lizzie)

Jimi's Mother, Teresa Maria

Jimi's Grand Niece, Teresa Maria

Jimi on Jimi Hendrix's Star, Hollywood

Hendrix Ticket, circa 1970

Jimi's star on the Walk Of Fame

Original Woodstock Poster

Jimi and Betty Boop in Hollywood

Actual Ticket signed by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi at the Walk Of Fame, Hollywood

Press Telegram Article on Jimi's Image